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And the Winner of the 2012 Election Is…

I suppose you are all waiting to find out who the winner of the 2012 election is. Oddly enough the decision has been a dead giveaway for MONTHS. Is it really true there is any mystery at all who is … Continue reading

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Obamacare Lives and Perhaps So Does the US Government

In a somewhat surprising (to this author) development, Obamacare (as dubbed by the extreme-right) survived its challenge by 26 states in front of the conservative-dominated Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). Regardless of how you might feel about Obamacare, … Continue reading

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Romney vs. Obama 2012

So the real Presidential race is here: Romney vs. Obama 2012. This will be a very different campaign than the 2008 election. Last time around was a complete open election with fresh candidates competing from both sides of the political … Continue reading

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