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Economy Welcomes Class of 2015 Republican Congress

So obviously it has been quite awhile since I have had anything to say – at least not much to say here. We have been locked politically in a twilight zone of do-nothingness since Barack Obama was (re)elected in 2012. … Continue reading

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Quantitative Easing – A Case Study in the Limitations of Monetary Policy

As you might guess, add me to the list of hind-sighters looking back and calling Quantitative Easing a failed policy. The idea and intentions were good, but any objective observer can only conclude that this has been a perfect case … Continue reading

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The Financial Markets Are Crazy

Readers will note I have been hunkered down in my bunker – but that hasn’t kept me from keeping up to date with financial markets. As you will no doubt agree – they simply have gone crazy. The grand concept … Continue reading

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