Binary Options?

Binary Options Offer a Cheap Way to Learn to Trade Financial Markets Hands On

I know readers come to this site and say, “What on Earth are binary options, and why would anyone want to learn about them?” Good questions, really. I started writing this blog as a means to discuss the economic points of the day and try to put them in financial markets perspective. The title of the blog has been to purely inspire curiousity of those who are considering the foolish notion of engaging in financial markets. You’ll see why below.

Let Me Be Blunt: Financial Markets Are Brutal to Beginners

The headline says it all. Financial markets today, as they have been for millenia (although moreso now) are to me a dangerous playground. People young and old read a few books or take a few courses at college (I’m as guilty as anyone) and suddenly think they’re an expert at finding ways to make money trading stocks. Soooo, we go into the market with a bunch of money and (usually) come home with a bunch of war stories and a pile of worthless securities in a dead and empty trading account.

The sad thing is, it can take a long time to muster up enough capital to actually be able to buy enough of an asset to make a reasonable profit. On the other hand it only takes seconds to have the rug pulled out from under you (have you been watching markets the last two weeks – end of July 2011/beginning August 2011?). If I were writing a visa commercial for day trading, it might go something like this:

College Education: $125,000
Online Courses, Computer Supplies, Information Sources: $10,000
Initial Cash Stake: $20,000 ($2k equity $18K debt)
Trading Gains/Losses: Plenty of both
Lessons Learned: Priceless

It is the lessons learned (ahhh here comes the tutor bit, right?) that I might wish to pass on to those that stumble on to this bare bones site. The number one thing I would want others to know is that BIG 100% losses are possible in ANY asset you buy in financial markets. NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING is guaranteed in this world.

My Advice to You: Financial Markets Are Phony: Don’t Trade Them

I would strongly encourage ANYONE thinking about getting involved in financial markets to consider other means of making money. Odds are you (or someone you love) worked hard to build up your capital stake. You would be well advised to note that our financial markets and system are based today on something akin to a shell game or a smoke and mirrors valuation system designed specifically to mask the real value of financial assets. If your investment books or courses have taught you anything, it should be that if you can’t ascertain the value of an asset, you should not purchase it. Am I right?

If You Are Going to Trade – Binary Options Make YOUR Education As Cheap As Possible

If the caveat above hasn’t completely discouraged you from ever making a trade, then it behooves you to make your “financial education” (a euphamism for your losses) as cheap (small) as possible. To that end binary options offer the cheapest way to get an education in what you DON’T KNOW about financial markets (and odds are it’s alot that you don’t know). A binary options broker can provide you with a cheap way to learn whether you have what it takes to trade financial markets. You’d be surprised how much you can learn with only $100. Wish’d I’d known that 20 years ago. Just sayin’.