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Wall Street Melt Up in 2012

What would an election cycle be without a good old fashioned engineered stock market melt up to make the incumbents happy? Funny how outrage in August over the debt-ceiling debate standoff can lead to a “don’t rock the boat during … Continue reading

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Weakened USD Keeping Stock Market Afloat

So far this year it’s clear that a weak USD is keeping the stock market afloat. Since the turn of the new year the dollar has fallen against key risk-on currencies such as the NZD and AUD – an indication … Continue reading

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How the Failed GOP House Plan Vote Is a Blessing for Our Nation

Some would be upset that the failed House plan vote led by John Boehner would be a bad thing for our country, but I for one see it as a blessing. For once (in what seems like the last 10+ … Continue reading

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