How the Failed GOP House Plan Vote Is a Blessing for Our Nation

Some would be upset that the failed House plan vote led by John Boehner would be a bad thing for our country, but I for one see it as a blessing. For once (in what seems like the last 10+ years), a vote was conducted in the Congress about a very important issue which failed to be decided along party lines.

Today Speaker Boehner faces a new reality in the House of Representatives: he must govern and lead the lower chamber in a bipartisan debate to come up with a palatable debt ceiling increase and deficit reduction plan.

In laymen’s terms, we’re in the 11th hour and the room with no windows or doors is locked and the members have nothing to eat but beans and cheeze.

A.K.A. something meaningful will get done now, because voting on party lines just ain’t gonna cut it anymore. Say what you will about the Tea Party, but their stubbornness may finally be the straw that broke the camel’s back – the moderates of both parties have to work together to craft a bill that works for both sides – and FAST.


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