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And So Here Comes QE3

And so it is finally here; QE3 has been effectively announced by the Federal Reserve today, with monthly asset purchases continuing via Operation Twist and expanding via further mortgage backed securities purchases. The goal: continue to drive long term rates … Continue reading

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Fed QE3: Introducing Operation Twist

So the Fed announces QE3: Operation Twist and the market tanks. I think it’s a little unfair to say the market drop was in direct response to the size and characteristics of the Fed’s next round of quantitative easing: after … Continue reading

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Market Meltdown 2011 | Paging Ben Bernanke

Welcome back from Labor Day weekend! What? No job? No matter. Market meltdown 2011 is in full swing again today after having the weekend to digest the dismal jobs numbers Friday and future outlook. Summer is over, and gone with … Continue reading

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