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And So Here Comes QE3

And so it is finally here; QE3 has been effectively announced by the Federal Reserve today, with monthly asset purchases continuing via Operation Twist and expanding via further mortgage backed securities purchases. The goal: continue to drive long term rates … Continue reading

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Operation Twist: Has Anybody Noticed? Plus Anarchy in Europe

Has Anyone Seen My Operation Twist? I was just looking around to see if anyone had noticed any substantive impact of operation twist by the Federal Reserve (see the November Fed POMO Schedule). Initially we saw mortgage rates drop to … Continue reading

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Operation Twist: The Morning after Attracting Vultures

You would think based on all the chatter this morning (the morning after Operation Twist was announced) that the financial world was about to enter an epic meltdown trading session. I have read posts this morning talking of doomsday scenarios … Continue reading

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