Republican House Shuts Down Faith in the System

I really had a hard time believing the Congress could be so stupid as to shut down the government again, yet here we are. Led by none other than the do-nothing leader of the House himself, Speaker John Boehner. The ongoing embarrassment that has become the leadership of the Republican party has continued its path of doing nothing rather than making an honest effort at running the country and doing the People’s business.

Still Trying to Kill Obamacare

One wonders how many elections the Republicans have to lose in a row in order to finally get on with life and try to make things work rather than doing everything they can to prevent government from functioning. Today rather than putting together a spending plan to run the government they are standing with their arms crossed with scowls on their faces blaming anyone but themselves for the embarrassing disfunction of the federal government. This is yet another effort to sabotage the one major piece of legislation of the Obama administration – the Affordable Care Act. On multiple occasions the public has had their say about Obama’s administration (now twice elected) and his health care program specifically.

Republican Led States Still Trying to Sabotage Obamacare as Well

It is no surprise that the vast majority of states enrolling in the Federally managed insurance exchanges are Republican-led. Rather than commit state resources (a.k.a. hire some people to do some work) and make an honest effort at implementing the broad healthcare initiative, Republican-led states have done everything in their power to sabotage, delay, and misinform the public’s new health program. This is a dreadful political mistake on their part, and damaging to the status of the Republican party – once known to be effective managers and financial stewards – now known only as the “take my ball and go home” party.

It may turn out that the Affordable Care Act is not a good program, but no independent thinker (read: voter) is going to blame President Obama and the Democrats who crafted the program now. When legislation is passed and programs are supposed to be built for the public good, the voting populace has a right to expect their elected officials to give it an honest effort. If the programs fail after an honest effort – no one can be said to have “not tried to make it work,” – and then blame is apportioned accordingly (to the law’s authors and supporters).

It Is Just Bad Politics by Republicans

The Republican party lost its identity leading up to the last election, and here the party is again, a year later and absolutely no wiser at the top. The way to prove an adversary wrong (once they’ve implemented law) is to expend the resources to try to make things work, then point out the weaknesses (“it’s too expensive,” “costs went up,” “people got poor quality care,” etc.). Because the party has expended billions of taxpayer dollars fighting the program (rather than trying to make it work) the Republicans will ultimately (presuming Obamacare fails) become the scapegoats.

The only way the Republican party can move forward and re-earn its reputation as leaders, managers, and good stewards is to show John Boehner and Eric Cantor where the exit is. Until those two are gone, there is no hope for long-term success of the party.


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