And the Winner of the 2012 Election Is…

I suppose you are all waiting to find out who the winner of the 2012 election is. Oddly enough the decision has been a dead giveaway for MONTHS. Is it really true there is any mystery at all who is going to come out ahead this time around? Do you think the Democrats will win? Doubt it. Do you think the Republicans are a shoo-in? Think again.

The Runaway Winner in the 2012 Election Is…

…the media. Hands down anyone with a website, newspaper, television show, radio station, or other printing press is the hands-down winner. After all, how can anyone suggest otherwise when more than $2.6 BILLION dollar will have been spent by the various parties and their myriad Super-PACs and shadowy non-profit “public interest” cause supporters?

If There Is a Big Winner This Election Then Who Are the Losers?

In my estimation the biggest losers are the electorate. Figure that $2.6 billion equates to roughly 57,000 +/- jobs paying the median wage of $45,000 (again give or take). That honestly isn’t a lot of jobs (about a half to a third of the average jobs created each month) but consider just how much more important candidates and campaign advisors believe a 30 second is compared to a single parent getting a full time job with benefits.

Whatever happens once the votes are counted we can be sure one thing is true. Companies, corporations, and other very well-to-do individuals will spend inordinate amounts of money to influence how the electorate votes yet will fight tooth and nail when it comes to paying employees and negotiating benefits. That’s just the way it works in America these days, and with the gloves effectively off thanks to the Citizens United decision that is the way it will continue to be for the foreseeable future.


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2 Responses to And the Winner of the 2012 Election Is…

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    • I would add even further that in addition to the $2.6 Billion spent on the PRESIDENTIAL election, another estimated $3.4 Billion was spent on the rest of the campaigns (congress, state, and local).

      What an EPIC waste of money.

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