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Binary options are high yield short term securities that few people know about… but those who do, love ’em.

Day Trading Facebook | Anticipating the Biggest Days in Their Brief History

Investing professionals are salivating at the prospect of day trading Facebook shares in the coming weeks due to the sudden expected increase in float of the issue as several tranches of restricted (or “lock-up”) shares come on the market. We … Continue reading

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And So Here Comes QE3

And so it is finally here; QE3 has been effectively announced by the Federal Reserve today, with monthly asset purchases continuing via Operation Twist and expanding via further mortgage backed securities purchases. The goal: continue to drive long term rates … Continue reading

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Are Forex Binary Options Legal in the US?

I got this question the other day from a site visitor: “Are forex binary options legal to trade in the US?” This question has come up repeatedly on this site because of some confusion surrounding the implimentation of the Dodd-Frank … Continue reading

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