Fun Market Schizophrenia Measure Trading Signals Gadget

A sample image of the Risk On Risk Off Trading Signals Gadget

As we have all come to know the market has become a bipolar schizophrenia risk on risk off whatever-you-want-to-call-it mess. It doesn’t matter whether you are a long time trader or just plain immersed in the world of business and the stock market – facts are facts and you know the financial world literally turns on the standing edge of a dime. One minute the market is buybuybuy, the next it’s sellsellsell. I suppose folks like Jim Cramer and others have had something to do with that. I don’t pass judgement on that reality, I just see that it “is what it is” and try to make sensible decisions despite the bipolar markets we try to invest in.

New Toys for the Stock Market Addict

I think my readers and day trading enthusiasts alike might enjoy a fun little trading signals tool available on iGoogle(tm). It is called the Risk On Risk Off Trading Signals Gadget, and what it does for market watchers and enthusiasts involves scoring on a minute-by-minute basis the bipolar swings of the global financial markets from Fear to Greed and back. It doesn’t cost anything to use and the clever little gadget makes a kind of fun way to watch the markets hap-hazard drunken stumble through each trading day.

I am not one to make fun of schizophrenia or bipolar mental illnesses to be sure, having known far too many sufferers of these afflictions. On the other hand one can not help but see the similarity between the near global correlation of risky assets’ performance on a day to day basis and split personality mental illness. This relationship or correlation between assets has been beaten to death on other sites and won’t be up for debate here. I personally hope readers get a kick out of the little risk on / off gauge and enjoy the financial markets while they still (semi) function. Who knows how long they’ll last given all the turmoil financially and economically.

Note: Neither Google nor Jim Cramer have any affiliation with this site nor the aforementioned gadget.

Google and iGoogle Gadget software are registered trademarks of Google, Inc.


About S Wise

I teach others about the various uses of binary options as part of an options trading strategy. Learn to make money trading options and increase the performance of your portfolio without inducing excessive risk.
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3 Responses to Fun Market Schizophrenia Measure Trading Signals Gadget

  1. boatman1 says:

    a scitzo market app……whats next?

    great to see you on CNBC the other day, steve.

    • Funny I don’t recall being on CNBC… maybe I have an out of body double?

      Ahh, I see it, Steven M. (legal scholar and occasional CNBC commentator) and Steven B. (yours truly).

      Umm nope, thinking again.. Stephen Weiss on earlier this week.

      Man there are too many of us.

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