Will Romney Taxes Effect Election

The Scales of Economic Inequality Will Doom Romney

There has been a lot of talk lately as to whether Romney taxes will effect election results in 2012. It certainly stands to be a big issue with some of the populace. If the Occupy Wall Street protests were any indication of the barometer of the country than it seems inconceivable that a 1 percenter like Romney will win the Republican nomination… and yet here we are. Although Mitt was a debatable winner in Iowa he clearly won New Hampshire. Is it possible he can roll on from here?

Romney Taxes Effect Election Campaign

It may have taken a while for his Republican opponents to catch on, but Mitt Romney is a seriously wealthy dude. It stands to reason then that if a guy is really loaded then the question begs “where did the money come from?” As it happens (to the fortuitous delight of Mitt’s challengers) Mitt Romney made the bulk of his fortune doing the exact types of things that the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd hate the most: he was a party to a significant venture capital firm that makes the bulk of its money investing in startups and then reaping the bulk of the gains when the companies go public.

Now that isn’t to say that makes Mitt a bad guy, nor does that necessarily mean that Romney’s wealth was ill gotten. For every venture capital firm that brings wealth to a group of investors, there are plenty of other investments in startups that go absolutely nowhere.

Trouble Brewing for Romney in Offshore Tax Havens

While it may be true that Mitt Romney’s money was made on the up and up, his opponents have quickly seized on the unbelievable number of off-shore companies Mitt has made and holds the bulk of his fortune in. The spin-police are quickly doing everything they can to make it sound like making up all these off-shore accounts is what “any reasonable person would do to try to reduce their tax liability,” however Mitt will very likely find that this sort of reasoning is more likely to get him hoisted on his pitard than elected. The whole point of the anger surrounding the Occupy Wall Street movement was that MANY moral and ethical citizens of this country find the off-shore tax haven to be a distasteful cheat played on the rest of us. It is endemic of the exact kind of “rules for the wealthy” that have exacerbated economic inequality in the United States in the first place.

You read it here first, the Romney campaign is doomed. Whether he manages to squeak by the other candidates in his own party by the sheer vastness of his wealth, there is no way he is going to stand the light of scrutiny with respect to his tax returns. Obama has already shared his, and when the light hits the papers on which Romney’s tax returns are written – it will be his campaign’s death-blow.

The question is not will Romney taxes effect election results… it is a question as to whether Republicans save their chances of having a viable candidate for the 2012 election or whether they have to wait for 2016… because in this political environment – a person with the perfect anti-Occupy Wall Street resume can’t possibly win in 2012.


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