Welcome to 2012 Binary Options Trading

Well here we are getting ready for another year of binary options trading in 2012. What will be the major news-makers of the year? Clearly European Debt will be a major piece of the news puzzle this year, as will the US Elections. Beyond that we all have to take stock of the economic changes coming out of China and India as well, both of whom appear to be suffering from slowing growth right around the time the rest of the world needs them to step their economies up.

European Debt the Major Issue for 2012?

It’s been in the headlines basically since August. Italy and Spain have major re-financing operations to conduct in 2012, the first of which begin in the first Quarter. Although Greece carried most of the headlines in 2011 with their on-going debt struggles, it is Italy and Spain whose economies actually have enough girth to create a contagion of debt-related drag on the overall Eurozone. Still however I see the ECB and EMU holding together and doing whatever it takes to get through the first quarter re-financings. Don’t expect the markets to remain calm however as traders will be trying to push markets around based on whatever the next expected headline will be. I for one am looking to trade that volatility either in the USD cross rates or use binary options trading strategies based off of USD strength. (hint: you should be reading that as an expectation of a strengthening USD).

US Elections: Does the GOP Have a Candidate for 2012?

I think the question alone is enough of an answer for you. All of the major candidates for the GOP this year have MAJOR flaws which make it difficult not only to get elected nationally, but it will be a tough go even to come out of the convention! Mitt Romney is the most politically tolerable choice for the broadest number of party members – but the reason for that is he has no principal position to defend! The party of “values” may just be sending up a nomination of the ultimate GOP plastic-man. Seriously… who else will they nominate? Ron Paul? The GOP financiers HATE that guy. The little guys love him. He won’t make it past South Carolina.

The Real Issue for 2012 Elections: Congress

Congress controls the purse strings. The direction of the 2012 election hinges on the ability of one party or the other to wrest control of both houses of Congress. The thinking here is that nothing changes. Dems control the Senate, Republicans control the House, and Obama gets relected.

Normally one would think this would be a disaster scenario for the American people, given the 2010 Congress’ complete inability to get along. Elections have a funny way of making strange bed-fellows, and somehow I find it highly likely that John Boehner – in acts of pure self-preservation – will find allies across the aisle in the other house of Congress leader Senator Reid. These two grand-standing fools have no choice but to co-operate in 2012 or be prepared to face stern leadership challenges. Neither party can afford to be seen as the “Do Nothing” party as John Boehner learned the hard way back in August.

Thanks for a Great 2011 from Binary Options Tutorials

We had a really fun year in 2011, and I personally wish each and every one of you the very best in 2012.  Binary options trading is highly risky but like any investment ultimately the risks have to be on some par with the rewards. As noted above we see several major issues to be decided in 2012 but I see the known issues as mostly benign and subject to manipulation by traders trying to play the free/greed game. Short of another true economic shock along the levels of the Japan quake last year I don’t see reason for panic. As it always has been, it is always the unknown that creates the Black Swan.


About S Wise

I teach others about the various uses of binary options as part of an options trading strategy. Learn to make money trading options and increase the performance of your portfolio without inducing excessive risk.
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One Response to Welcome to 2012 Binary Options Trading

  1. boatman1 says:

    happy new year steve. i was fishing in SW florida in the ten thousand islands area for the first time, it was great. in the little camper at the state park[austerity]….trailering the boat around looking n fishing w/dog n girl(in that order mind you)

    the next US president will be remembered as the ‘hoover’ of this century, mostly for being in the wrong place at the wrong time as the world’s financial system convulses in the final step as the credit/debt bubble of the last 40 yrs. implodes…. ….probly be obozo n it would be fine with me.
    but, no, there are no statesmen on the otherside, other than ron paul…..but while i agree w/him on we can’t sit all around the world anymore pointing guns at 2 sets of people who want to kill each other,…..feeding isreal to the wolves is not acceptable either.

    we are one year closer to the great reset……it will not be business as usual and more debt cannot at this point cover up existing debt. this is by no means a large but simple deleveraging cycle.

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