Daily Market Signals Call a Windfall for Traders

It’s been over a week since the Daily Market Signals call post and we get a cold welcome back from the market! What has changed since the futures trend trading system put out an alert about US dollar strength in futures markets? Only a 600+ point drop in the DJIA and similar epic drops in the other major US indexes.

The weekly report came out yesterday and I can not disclose its contents but all traders should be asking themselves this morning if in fact the trend of US dollar strength will continue or whether the trend is set to reverse.


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6 Responses to Daily Market Signals Call a Windfall for Traders

  1. boatman1 says:

    i’m thinkin xmas rally in stocks baring EU bombshell then dollar back to 88 on EU then qe’d back to 76 by april.

  2. Chris Kimble, one of my favorite technical analysts, noted that the US Dollar held support at its 38% Fibonacci retracement level and created a bullish wick today… we’ll see if it can threaten a breakout this week. Between the continued weakness in High Yield and European bonds (I guess they can both be considered “Junk” soon enough), and a failure of “risk on” currencies to rally, today’s move feels like a stereotypical bear market sucker’s rally to me. It may have a little more upside, but I’ll view it as an opportunity to layer in some fresh shorts until I see something more convincing from the Bull case.

    • I, like you, see it as a sucker’s rally… a knee-jerk reaction to perhaps over-conservative selling in fears of a sub-par holiday retail weekend. The long trends remain – one decent weekend does not a fourth quarter make.

      ALTHOUGH… I do see a favorable year end, mainly because the pros go home the week before Christmas.

  3. I think we are due another significant rally before a final, steep capitulation. But I think we probably make new lows (sub 1070) before we get that rally. Obviously, that’s all wild speculation from me (though the pattern so far is passing through all the same phases as 2000 and 2008). I’m curious to see how the next few days play out. But i for one will be very surprised if there is a meaningful “Santa Clause Rally” this year.

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