Has US Economy Had Its Let Them Eat Cake Moment?

Painting of Guillotine Mob Scene

French Revolution Brought People of All Sides Together Against Common Foe

Am I the only person who openly wonders if the US economy is screaming toward its “Let them eat cake” moment? For those not familiar with the reference, consider that the last time a Head of State uttered those words thousands of people ended up dead by way of the guillotine in the French Revolution – starting with the foolish woman who uttered those words in the first place.

Ipods, Iphones, Gimmicks, Gadgets, and Distractions for the Masses

There is a lot to be said for the run up in the stock prices of the tech sector this year. Leading names Apple, LinkedIN, and others have powered the tech sector forward at a faster clip than the rest of the economy. A probing person forces himself to wonder why that might be. Is it not fair to say that the recent run up of tech stocks is fueled by increased sales of gadgets and tech-toys designed to amuse the masses? Is that important?

Occupy Wall Street Pushing Away Distractions and Galvanizing a Dissatisfied Populace

One would think leadership of the US economy has had ample warning that protests like Occupy Wall Street could materialize. While GOP hacks were reasonably able to label Michael Moore as a lefty kook after his making of Capitalism: A Love Story, more and more of the righty base is waking up to some of the truths of the film – regardless of whether they ever care to see it. I’m not about to sit here and sing the virtues of Michael Moore – but the numbers are what they are. We can argue and point fingers of blame, but we can’t deny there is a problem. We can’t deny that there are winners (really, really big winners), and there is everyone else (a.k.a losers). editor’s note: if you’re reading this still… odds are you aren’t in the winners’ circle. Occupy Wall Street is the lefty version of the ORIGINAL Tea Party movement BEFORE it was co-opted by the machinations of the GOP fund-raising machine.

Funny What Strange Bedfollows Debt Slavery Makes

I can only sit here and wonder how long it will be before the soccer moms of the world actually sit down and have a level headed conversation with the tree-huggers and discover their common enemies: politicians and GLOBAL TBTF banks and multi-national corporations. The one thing that binds these two philosophically opposed groups is a common lack of hope and fiscal destruction by means of debt-slavery. I don’t want to be around if and or when those groups mesh and march on Washington. That will NOT be a fun day to be a D.C. cop or National Guardsman. It’s funny how politicians and business leaders can be two faced for long periods of time but somewhere along the way we’ve forgotten the words of P.T. Barnum: You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. Sadly far too many TBTF executives and politicians have lost that lesson somewhere.

Somewhere behind closed doors right now a TBTF bank executive is saying to his fellow board members, “Who gives a d*** so long as they have their iPhones and iPods!”

I’m sorry, but does that sound like history repeating itself to you?


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One Response to Has US Economy Had Its Let Them Eat Cake Moment?

  1. Good piece. I agree. Although I DO want to be there. Let the revolution begin. The sooner the better. It’s inevitable. But like you said, a) distractions are the key to putting it off (iPhones and cable TV), and b) the Oligarchy won’t change until it’s forced upon them. I think that despite the fact that is seems inevitable, it will happen faster than politicians or business leaders expect and will catch them off guard.

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