Debt Compromise Would Be A Win for The People

Let me be among the first to say that a Debt Compromise would be a win for The People of the United States Monday. It would be a great day indeed if House Democrats AND Republicans both had to vote from the middle of the aisle (rather than from the extremes) in order to get enough votes to pass both Houses of Congress.

There is something to like for everyone who stands as a moderate: there are no guarantees about taxes. There are immediate spending cuts. The debt ceiling is to be raised in order prevent default. The are more spending cuts / budget shortfall issues mandated to be resolved in the reasonably near future.

No, there is no repeal of the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy. Those cuts are set to expire (ALL of the Bush Tax Cuts are set to expire that is) in 2012, so they’ve used that technicality to avoid taking up that poisonous debate today. Eventually however, they are going to have to have that fight. Hopefully we’ll find a way to get the MIDDLE aisle to work for The People again.



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